Replace dishwasher with small washing machine?

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Re: Replace dishwasher with small washing machine?

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I know this is pretty late to the thread, but I thought I'd make a quick comment.

I think moving the washer/dryer to the garage was the best option. Did you move them yet, and if so, how did it go?

Like was mentioned, there can be an issue with kitchen plumbing not supporting the flow of water discharge from a washer.

Also, as someone who has also done my fair share of washing by hand, I could relate to your story of hand-washing blue jeans! Wringing those out are the worst.

I could also relate to the gift thing filling up your storage space. Our son just turned three and my wife organized a low-key birthday party at a local park (mainly with people she's met through mommy groups or real estate). So it was more like a play date with people I mostly didn't know. Everyone was told NOT to bring a gift. Nevertheless, our son received so many gifts that I could hardly get them all in our car/trunk. I don't think our son knew the difference, and I (being a grinchy scrooge) was not as appreciative as I should have been. We work really hard to keep our house orderly/paired down! It didn't help that all the gifts were plastic things.

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