Long term food storage in hot climate

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Long term food storage in hot climate

Post by Solvent »

I moved to Bangkok. It's hot here all year. I've lived in places that have hotter summers, but nowhere that is hot like this year-round..

My apartment has a separate kitchen, not an open-plan like has been in vogue for, if I'm not mistaken, my whole life. In order to avoid air-conditioning more space than is necessary, I plan to keep it closed off to the main living area. The kitchen does open to the outside. Thus the kitchen (and attached pantry) are likely to remain at around 31°, constantly, all year. Maybe it'll jump a little higher when I'm in there frying, boiling water, and using the oven.

What should I account for when building up my ERE/resilient pantry, knowing it will be this hot? Will flour keep for long at this temperature? Should I start keeping my peanut butter in the fridge to prevent the oils going rancid? Do I need to be careful about keeping too many tins of tuna if the heat will affect them over time?

Am I overthinking this, and 31° is not really high enough to substantively affect shelf-stable foods?

What do you think? Have any of you had experience with problems caused by keeping food in hot climates?

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Re: Long term food storage in hot climate

Post by Alphaville »

why not go local? white rice keeps well for ages provided it doesn't get bugs. coconut oil doesn't go rancid very easily i think. that solves your carb and fat problem. i'd figure out what else is in the market. ask around...

oh, cans live well in the tropics. condensed and evaporated milks are used everywhere in the tropics for a reason. if you want butter, the kiwis make a canned butter i used to love as a kid, living in a hot climate (red feather). not sure how imports work there, here they're pricey, $8 for 8oz, so i do without, it's not life and death.

spam! breakfast of champions.

just go to the market...

i would not keep a lot of flour, but maybe rice flour does well? whole wheat flour and brown rice go rancid fairly fast.

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Re: Long term food storage in hot climate

Post by Seppia »

Alphaville wrote:
Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:55 pm
why not go local?
That's the solution.

BTW it's not the temperature that you must fear, but the humidity. Storing pasta/flour in SE Asia is a nightmare.

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