How would you design your house?

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Re: How would you design your house?

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You could even have a compost bed below your veggies bed. Usually, there are two problems with this: one is that the temperature gets two high and burn plants (but then a higher temperature is exactly what you need to balance the cold. And two, the decomposing matter (the green part) sucks nitrogen out of the dirt, starving plants. To solve that, have some layer of dirt separating the compost heap from the vegetable bed (which should be previously matured compost rich dirt). That should do it inside the greenhouse. You’ll need to experiment with heap sizes and size of the separating layers. Youtube should have some examples of heated compost heaps being used as hotbeds in winter, so that you save yourself some of the trial and error.

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Re: How would you design your house?

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Pic was working, I don't know why it broke. Appears in my duckduckgo search ("bath tub in bedroom") but won't open anymore.

Anyway after I dug a little here is the page that features the image: ... helor-pad/

Let me know if it works, if it doesn't I might screencap it.

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