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Re: Amazon Tiny House

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bigato wrote:From that you can't conclude that housing size for peak happiness would be at 350 sq ft. A lot of factors go into producing the national happiness, and we can't deduce anything about housing sizes and happiness correlation from that fact alone.
Yeah, I know. I was being a bit silly, but also projecting the feelings of alienation I would likely experience living alone in a McMansion parked on a bit of carpet sod.
jennypenny wrote:I could see multigenerational or group housing arrangements where there are multiple tiny homes on a plot of shared land. That would keep people together in group settings but might eliminate most of the 'stabby' problem as Wheaton puts it when it comes to getting along with people when cohabitating.
True, but it wouldn't help with the stabby problem people get when they share land or garden space...or pretty much anything at all.

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Re: Amazon Tiny House

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I just moved out of 950 SF and into 1600 SF. Plus garage. I’m much happier.

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Re: Amazon Tiny House

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That house looks like crap. I think you'd be better off buying a couple used shipping containers and combining them into a living space. I have seen people on Airbnb do it, and I am thinking about doing something similar. However, all the locations that I would like to live have extreme weather, so it would require additional planning. There is a great YT channel on tiny homes called Living Big in a Tiny Home:

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