Bunk beds

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Bunk beds

Post by Chynyn »

A number of years ago I built bunk beds for the kids. (Here is an example - https://www.smarthomedesk.com/best-loft ... s-and-kids) Now the beds are in my daughter's room. The beds rack somewhat and I would like to stiffen them a bit. It is an inline bunk. Any ideas for stiffening the beds. Small gusset plates? Obviously, I would like to keep it looking somewhat pleasing. Thanks!
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Re: Bunk beds

Post by jacob »

How did you put them together? Mortise&Tenon? Pocket screws? Bed bolts?

Any possibility of putting a diagonal bar at the back (perhaps against the wall) from the head side of the top bunk to the foot side of the bottom bunk? Not sure, it would look great, but it would likely fix the problem.

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Re: Bunk beds

Post by bigato »

Better than diagonal, do an X using two bars. You need two X's, one in one side and the other on the head or foot side. It doesn't need to span the full length of the side.

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