An Island to Oneself

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An Island to Oneself

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An Island to Oneself by Tom Neale

This is the tropical version of Dick Proenneke's story. Tom Neale grew up in New Zealand, working from island to island in the Pacific once he became an adult. Eventually, he hears about this magical atoll called Suvarov and decides that he needs to live there one day. It takes a while, but finally in his early 50s the opportunity presents itself. He only had 49 pounds at the time (equivalent to I believe ~$1,100 today), but that's not a problem. He moves onto the island where he lives for a total of about 5.5 years (divided into 2 separate stints). He is entirely self sufficient, utilizing supplies that he brought and also those from the atoll. Tom goes quite a long time without seeing a single human, as the atoll is off all trading routes. The greatest period was 14 months!! A fascinating read.

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