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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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@JP That's how I felt listening to him with Mad Fientist. He discusses the idea of buying back time with money in that interview, too.

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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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Having nothing to do with ERE at all, I really liked the film Go Fast Go North about a 750 mile boat race to Alaska. I don't know anything about sailing but I know there are a few sailing enthusiasts here. It is on Prime right now. The trailer:

A different story about the same race is told on this podcast for those that prefer audio:

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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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This particular episode of this podcast touched on a lot of subjects we discuss here: status, signaling, how rich people spend vs how poor people spend, and more. The speaker and interviewer are taking a very different point of view than ERE is, but I found food for thought here.

How Whole Foods, yoga, and NPR became the hallmarks of the modern elite

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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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The ebook "On Tyranny".

It is chilling how sheep like people can be and the terror of crowds. This forum is for the most part free thinkers and those wishing to buck 'orders' so to say. Some of the examples are just... wow. I must admit I was inspired to post it here by the cards versus cash discussion.

I got it from my local library. Less than 2 hours.

Even on Amazon it is dang cheap for an audio book. ... B06VX82JZH

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Re: Resources and recommended listening

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Real Vision is doing a two-week focus on retirement. The first video is free on youtube. I enjoyed the whole thing but he gets into specifics and more ERE-related stuff after 30 minutes or so.

You can get a trial subscription for $1 if you want to watch the whole series (you can cancel any time after that). Today's video was an interview with Neil Howe (not his best but still interesting).

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