"striking it rich is merely a well-marketed fantasy"

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Re: "striking it rich is merely a well-marketed fantasy"

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Felix wrote:I don't think that there's any amount of money that justifies being an asshole. :D

Interestingly, there is also research posted on this forum that basically says that simply having money pushes people into asshole territory, too. So the INTJs, already not known for their people skills and empathy, would be in danger, too.
Of psychopathy or being an asshole? (Yes :D)

Some of the absolute worst people I've known were poor, some of the best rich. The opposite is true as well. Another example would be our jails full of assholes & psychopaths, and most of them weren't rich.

Choosing to become independent of "the system" leads to correlates with psychopathy, and certainly plenty of people I read here would love be able to let their inner asshole out on their boss (after quitting in grand style).

This leads me to question the definitions of "asshole" and "psychopath" more than it does question the motivations/causations of wanting to build wealth and be free.

But hey, as an ENTJ, I'm prone to be called asshole more than most, so, it's sort of lost it's punch with me. :lol:

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Re: "striking it rich is merely a well-marketed fantasy"

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My experiences with wealthy people (from knowing some directly and talking to people who know some) rather disagrees with your impression. If you want someone to think you're a Martian for shopping at Goodwill or bartering, talk to a middle class professional. If you talk to someone who _make_ money rather than _earn_, they seem quite enthused about the notion of bucking the system. I think that difference between making and earning is the key difference between the wealthy and those who simply make a lot of money (and save a few mills within a few decades). The latter has spent all their lives fitting into structures. The former have an almost complete disregard for such structures.
gonna save this oneliner for some parties, especially second part :lol:
yea, in reality office bully isn't interested in Socratesian debate :lol:

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