In praise of laziness

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Re: In praise of laziness

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It's a fine article so far as it goes. But these business advice tropes are just gag-inducing. They just jump from one fad to the next every few years. People take the ideas up like a religion. Some people never let go of an idea that hooks them and are stuck on something from a particular era. You can recognize these people because they talk about different colored parachutes, or relocating blocks of cheese. Others keep up with the fads, always are up on the newest business book, and seem to believe all this management theory is going through some kind of progression towards ever greater efficiency and clarity, rather than what it really is; just a constant recycling and rehashing of mostly half-baked theories or poor rehashes of ideas that have been previously written about just as well, if not better.

Though as far as they go, this particular idea's not so bad, though it's an old one. Over 100 years ago JP Morgan put it like this: "I can do a year's work in nine months, but not in twelve."

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