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By Lisa99
Just wanted to share a marvelous find that is FREE
iTunes, the computer application, has a section called iTunes U (iTunes University). It has thousands of classes that are all free on just about any subject you can think of. You can download the iTunes computer application, and register even if you don't have an iPhone, iPad or any other device.
Once you've downloaded the app to your computer, you can navigate to iTunes University and start browsing through the classes.
I just downloaded an entire semester from Yale University on the History of Roman Architecture. AND IT WAS FREE.
Can you tell I'm excited?? ;D
Have fun!

Watching material from universities is more worth it if you can do it without taking on student loans. ;-)

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Here are the links to the iTunes resources:

iTunes Podcasts

iTunes University
The iTunes material on these sites that I spot-checked is free, but I don't know if all of it is free.
FYI -- I watch WealthTrack regularly each week.

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People interested in this topic might also be interested in the fact that you can access most courses at MIT (lecture videos, lecture notes, coursework, etc) for free here:

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