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Not ERE-related, but a movie that moved me and never left my mind is Ikiru.

Shows how people can change in face of death and how others will remember you for what you've done, but some days later their lifes remains the same boring routine.

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You could always just watch the "No Impact Man" movie. It's particularly interesting for those with spousal barriers. First the partner is resisting but goes along, but later she takes ownership as the projects "surprisingly" makes them better off.

and even less impact than buying this movie is the torrent itself to the digital version: ... Man_(2009)
and more generally all the movies mentioned here can be found at

it's just that easy...
(not to promote anything, but just to point out that we live in 2012 in a digital age, where everything is available with the correct strokes of the keyboard) ...

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Free on Youtube now: Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We'll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren .
I thought this would be another documentary complaining about George Bush and the GOP, but it's actually a pretty good look at Consumerism in the United States.
We might need to recruit reverent Billy (at 24:00 he bursts into a Starbucks and called them out on their "Fake bohemianism", and prayed for a God is not a product to nullify the cash register and kick Starbucks out of the neighborhood).
And also, it's pretty funny how the one guy in the movie (involved in the production, not sure if he's the narrator) keeps suggesting as a solution that people drive more fuel efficient cars instead of Suburbans. It's a movie about consumerism with a guy saying buy THIS instead of THAT... can't help but laugh at those parts.

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"Apocalypse Now": Martin Sheen's character was disillusioned with the industrial war apparatus in the same way that people become disillusioned with the peacetime production apparatus.
"Falling Down": I liked the way Michael Douglas's character woke up one day and saw nothing but absurdity around him and it made him angry. I love the part where he holds the gun on the road construction worker and demands that he admit to him that there is nothing actually wrong with the road.

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I love Falling Down.
"Now you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat."

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Shawshank Redemption is hard to top, both as a movie and as ERE analogy.
Do you find comfort and safety in what I used to see as a prison? Do you have the courage to leave?
Andy Dufresne, undoubtedly an INTJ and accomplished early retiree.
It is a novella in 'Different Seasons' probably my favorite Stephen King book... Being sick and watching movies is [mostly] great. But after this, everything will be disappointing.

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Great thread!
I second all these votes:
Office Space - big corporation ridiculousness...
St. Ralph - spirituality of running...
Running Man - Pop culture craziness...
Shawshank Redemption - institutionalization of human spirit...
I would add:
Castaway - back to nature...
The Straight Story - overcoming human restrictions...
Logan's Run - futuristic idealism
The Edge - my all time favorite about two men stripped of all worldly belongings. A total reset of their lives in the wilderness and how they cope and overcome challenges. The classic tale of classes - the have's and the have not's...

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Dragline wrote:
Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:56 pm
Office Space probably has some of the best quotes, though, like these two (related):
it's like.. I still don't watch mainstream media as I haven't done even in 2011.
I found some gist of The Office in 2011-2015 (somebody was replying with meme so I dug up what's going, I gave up after reading 2-3 sentences on wiki/imbd, back then I thought - boooring! Maybe it's time to catch up for avoiding abuse from sociopaths)

anyway, these quotes form Dragline seems like stolen ideas from my mind :lol:
I created them after spotting ERE, but realising I'm not part of cool kids tree house club
has this phenomenon any fance name? (for sure I'm not the only one... that was planned I think)
collective mind or something?

or it's simply screenwriter plot to "farm" for the audience using common denominator?
as the goal is to make everybody says "Yes, XYZ is awesome, it relates to my problems. They have smart quotes, so I'm waiting for the next episode!"

I think it's the latter.

anyway, not with me these trics, mr screenwriter... eckhm capitalist.

for me this (not watchig TV/movies/netflix whateva) is higher level of DIY/sociology - you simply observe people and based on current behaviour/trends you ponder what they watch and why. I highly reccommend it.

ERE movies IMHO:
I prolly suffer from fallacy based on following scheme: I don't watch much so I tend overrate what I watch.
I also fixated for 2-3 ideas during last 1-2 years and I see them everywhere up to the point of being very boring.

Preliminary list (it doesn't mean I support whole content or even in parts, sometimes it's just very [very] small piece):
Zeitgeist - for hippy vibe
Corporation by Klein - for seeing there's this system around us. You can profit or get screwed from it.
various Internet kooks, very often seeing everywhere members of specific religion - bashing 9-5 lifestyle, being contratrian for sake of being contrarian

PS. I just watched today Matrix ending scene today for first time, becuase I'm in upbeat mood so I thought I'd check out what's going in buddhist-free man-NWO conspiracy theorist circle. I ended here:
I'm trying to figure what's going on. Music is catchy for sure :lol:
Analogy of blue/red pill was known alone as eckhm... you know.

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