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Re: Nomadland Movie

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Frita wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:15 am
And that is why I am leary of watching movies after reading a book. Hollywood has to commercialize for the masses. (Side note: I heard on NPR that some of Octavia Butler’s books are being made into movie. Ugh!)

Perhaps being based in NYC prompted some joy to hitting the road?
yah.... but i was never gonna read that book, as im currently swamped by other book subjects. nevertheless im glad i got the gist of it: i don't want to be broke and miserable in retirement :shock:

me i'd rather be in new york than on the road. wow, i really want to go there now...

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Re: Nomadland Movie

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AxelHeyst wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:52 am
Also, a lot of the characters in the book are diehard introverts, who I can't imagine make great cinema (anyone following me around with a camera would surely die of boredom), even if they are having a grand time, so I'd understand that the film attempted to pull a different story lens than the book did.

Also see ... Television

It's hard to portray the supposedly "rich and complex inner life" of an introvert, so TV ends up with a projection on [the rich and complex outer life of an] extrovert terms which often ends up looking rather lame. For example, when I did the documentary I was pushing for in-depth systems explanations perhaps in a conversational format. Compromise: funny cartoons showing the very basics. Whereas the suggestions were along the line of me talking with friends who just happened to drop by for afternoon tea or seeing what "fun" could be had downtown Chicago. Compromise: Me sitting in downtown park reading on my kindle which I otherwise NEVER do. Stuff like that.

We'll probably have to wait for a medium that allows us to experience what other people are feeling or thinking---not just "seeing or hearing"---before these stories improve. I'm thinking perhaps something where the people attempt to convey what's on their mind using a kind of standardized symbolic representation. Maybe using a battery-less format called paper ... and the paper could be glued together on one side to keep it together...

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Re: Nomadland Movie

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jacob wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:42 am

It's hard to portray the supposedly "rich and complex inner life" of an introvert, so TV ends up with a projection on extrovert terms which often ends up looking rather lame.
tv can suck. but the people in this film ARE suffering from poverty, loneliness, grief, lack of healthcare, lack of resources, insufficient accommodations, etc. that's clearly being portrayed.

loneliness is not the same as solitude. solitude is delicious. loneliness is a lack, like a vitamin deficiency. solitude is a month at the library. loneliness is being stranded on an empty road at midnight in a blizzard with no help on the way.

there are many great films that portray the inner life of introverts, but this one movie was about actual pain and actual misery. so it's different.

recommended directors for introvert portrayals: antonioni, jean pierre melville, jim jarmusch, cathérine breillat, the cohen brothers, terrence malick, kurosawa, scorsese, ingmar bergman, fellini, jacques tati, chantal akerman, noah baumbach, greta gerwig, sofia coppola, wes anderson, sam mendes, jared and jerusha hess, buster keaton, charlie chaplin, etc etc etc.

a lot of artists are in fact introverts depicting inner lives, so the above list could grow endlessly.

werner herzog. lars von trier. jane campion. jill soloway. robert bresson. miranda july. kathryn bigelow. richard linklater. lina wertmuller. luis buñuel. kristof(sp?) kieślowski. stanley kubrick. david lynch. maya deren. kenneth anger. park chan-wook. wong kar-wai. apitchapong weerasethakul. ken loach. david cronenberg. peter greenaway. jean-luc godard. konstantina kotzamani. alain resnais.

kill your network tv and check out the criterion channel instead.

eta: a brief compilation of some great documentaries portraying complex issues or inner states etc:
the act of killing
paris is burning
exit through the gift shop
the thin blue line
inside job
burden of dreams
(+ werner herzog eats his shoe)
buena vista social club
paris is burning
enron: the smartest guys in the room
f is for fake
the fog of war
les glaneurs et la glaneuse (the gleaners and i)
grey gardens
harlan county usa
i am not your negro
jiro dreams of sushi
searching for sugarman
waltz with bashir (cartoon!)
when the leevees broke
man with the movie camera
david lynch: the art life
the gates
night and fog
the up series
the many underwater films of jean painlevé
the power of nightmares
manufacturing consent

plus many more i have not had the chance to see and/or can't remember right now

making documentaries is an art. yes it is cheaper and easier with cheaper cameras so more people are making them these days. but an artist is an artist is an artist, regardless of gear. eg. see: agnès varda.


later: inspired by my little list above watched 2 great short documentaries this evening:

-gap toothed women (les blank, 1987, 31m). the real subject is the joy of life. delightful!
-vive le tour (louis malle, 1962, 18m). the tour the france on steel bikes! brilliantly shot and edited, and more real than real because you're everywhere. they'd grab free beers from roadside taverns? :lol:

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Re: Nomadland Movie

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I have to agree with @Alphaville on the perceived challenges with portraying introverts. I think it comes down to lazy or uninspired filmmaking.

For example, rather than shooting @Jacob in the park looking at a screen, how about a scene of him mixing the ingredients for fresh taco shells, pressing them on his homemade tortilla press made from scrap wood, and preparing a meal he's harvested from the garden. Even if the filmmaker had limited time, they could add in their own shots of dried beans soaking and tomatoes/peppers on the vine. Layer those scenes on top of a conversation about systems theory, web of goals, and applying it to your daily life.

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