Death Checklist

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Death Checklist

Post by Ego »

Hat tip to Claudia Dawson from Kevin Kelly's Recommendo newsletter.

I know. Grim topic. I wish I had had this checklist so I thought I'd share it....

Here is a checklist of important things to do when someone close to you dies in Washington State. (Most of the advice applies to every state)

This can be a very overwhelming and emotional time. It is a good idea to read this checklist before a death occurs, in order to plan and understand the practical steps of this difficult process

You can sign up for the newsletter here: ... =Recomendo

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Re: Death Checklist

Post by intellectualpersuit »

Jesus that is a lot to do.I guess its worth an inheritance.

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Re: Death Checklist

Post by Jason »

Since it has the highest suicide rate in the nation, maybe you can plead to people "Please, don't kill yourself. I can't deal with the fucking paper work."

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