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UBS publications

Post by Seppia » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:21 am

UBS (the swiss bank) publishes a lot of good reading material in my opinion.

The most recent is their annual The Year Ahead with some top line considerations.
You can find an abstract here ... ahead.html
You need to register to get access to the full report, it's 76 pages long and I'm going to attack it this weekend. It's usually pretty good.

Another highlight is their "Prices and Earnings" research.
This used to be a pdf report with data tables and little commentary, it has now evolved in a microsite
I liked it much better before as I found the pdf much easier to navigate, but it's still very valuable especially because you can get access to a simple excel with ALL the data points.
This is particularly good for expats, as in my experience UBS tends to slightly exaggerate costs and expenses VS real life, but UBS being a respected data source, they can be presented as "factual".
HR people are rarely prepared with other alternative data to fight back, so you can cherry pick some advantageous data points and use them to get better conditions.
I've used this research for negotiation purposes twice in my life (first when moving from France to the USA, then when moving back to Italy), always to my great benefit.

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Re: UBS publications

Post by TheWanderingScholar » Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:17 am

Thanks the first article, I am interested in.

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