Hello!!! New today, read for years....

Say hello!!
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Hello!!! New today, read for years....

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Hello everyone, glad to finally be able to contribute here! I am a 52 year old lady (how did 52 happen? lol, weird to see it written out and pertaining to me) , retired after never making much really over 30k (but still trade stocks now), after 30 years of very low maintenance/low cost daily living. My only kind of expensive "vice" is traveling, which is also done on a budget compared to most people and with every "hack" available that allows for some higher end experiences sometimes. But to me, I simply have to see all I can see on this planet (it's my "thing"), so I never can or will cut that expense out. I am naturally frugal, "going without" even thrills me a bit, so no hardship there:) I just cannot get myself to spend money if I do not HAVE to or can find a free/no cost way.

Anyway, glad to be a part of this community! You all seem like great people! I posted my "traveling with your own food ideas" Meals that Travel Well on Gin + Juice's thread:) That may be my "specialty" here :D

Looking forward to participating with you all.

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Re: Hello!!! New today, read for years....

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Hello sidra1968

Nice to E meet you and a great story in achieving FI at a modest salary. Expenses must be in good order - huge well done.

Look forward to hearing more about your story.

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