Hello, thanks for the admission.

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Hello, thanks for the admission.

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Hello, thanks for the admission. I chose the username kolibri being a fan of the series Deutschland 83.

I bought the Kindle version of Early Retirement Extreme in 2017. It was an immediate favorite. When recommending the book to someone else, I would say the title isn't /really/ what the book is about. The title should be something like ... now I forget what I would usually say. What should the title really be?

My two favorite ideas from ERE are "web of goals" and "appropriate response".

I sort of retired once, revised the experience into a sabbatical, learned some things, and went back to work as a "Salary Man" with a completely different perspective.

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Re: Hello, thanks for the admission.

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I think this happens a lot. Early "retirement" turning into more a sabbatical, or series of sabbaticals, interspersed with meaningful work that ends up paying money in some fashion. I'd love to here your story about it.

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