Hi from Indiana

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Hi from Indiana

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I'm about halfway through college and glad to have discovered ERE before I could dig myself into a hole after graduation. Environmental engineering with a civil (transportation) engineering job lined up right now--I was a bit concerned to find my major on the "useless degrees" discussion earlier :? --but it means I'm out after six semesters instead of eight (and working in those missing two in between), so that's a trade-off I'm willing to take.

I got sucked into reading MMM while working over the summer, though I couldn't relate to what I'd read of ERE then--but now that I'm back working during the spring semester (and currently living out of the camper van we built over Christmas!), I'm very much drawn into the ERE message. Perhaps it just needed a while to germinate?

Anyhow, after reading through a whole bunch of the blog and a more haphazard reading of the forums, I'm glad to be here! I'm picking up the ERE book this evening (+ YMOYL, Intelligent Investing, and The Magic of Thinking Big--still curious from MMM), so I figured I'd better introduce myself now before I disappear to read those! :D

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Re: Hi from Indiana

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