58yo perma-traveler, retired at 38yo

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Re: 58yo perma-traveler, retired at 38yo

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True on subject of international nurses in USA. They are generally paid less than nurses that schooled in USA with same qualifications. And some international nurses I know live -- 6 ladies in a 1 bedroom apt, working overnight shifts for more pay and send a good amount of their income back home to support their families. I worked with people educated and not that some believed in modern meds to cure their issues instead of making lifestyle changes ( lose weight, exercise, etc).

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Re: 58yo perma-traveler, retired at 38yo

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Shemp, I really enjoy your perspective. I've learned something from all 4 of your posts. Please keep on contributing your wisdom. It's nice to see a new ERE level persepctive to aspire to as I travel along.

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