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Hi all

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Hi all, I'm Julia from Munich.
I'm android developer.
Enjoy photography and traveling.
I want to start my own business.
My company has a Canon Powershot SX610 HS and when it is plugged into the computer, it attempts to install the drivers but fails. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and using Windows to automatically locate the drivers. I even tried a driver for an older version of windows. It does this on any computer it is plugged into. You can take the memory card out and insert it directly into the computers card slot and get the pictures that way but the employee that will be using the camera doesn't have a card reader on their computer. Any recommendations?
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Re: Hi all

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Grias di do im Forum :)

and readable for the rest: welcome to the forums! There seem to be a lot of Germans here.

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Re: Hi all

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Re: Hi all

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Welcome to the forum.

How did you end up finding ERE?

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