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Hello :)

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Hi all,

Happy to have discovered this forum, and would contemplate starting a journal here one day, but as a brief intro, I am: a UK undergad student in my early 20s, still not sure what to do after I graduate; rather regretting studying humanities which I have decent grades in but not much interest in. (Missing the sciences to be honest, but couldn't think what to specialise in when it came to choosing a degree, and felt like an impostor since I was terrible at practical exams). On the plus side, I have been able to take a year out to work and study abroad so am currently doing that, which also gives me some time to think about the future before I graduate.

I am super frugal, which makes me wonder if early retirement could one day work for me, since I don't want to end up stuck in an office, but then again maybe I could just take the route of not choosing a job that is too heavily office-based in the first place... so the next step is just to keep defining more clearly my lifestyle, career and financial goals.

Some random asides just for fun:
  • I discovered MMM's blog after finding ERE so am a fan of that too. I am starting to wonder, however, where the women personal finance bloggers are at though, and would be curious to find some good ones (yes, I am female).
  • I almost went for a more obvious 'supertramp' related username, but guessed in a space like this there would probably be one or two supertramps around already. 'Into the Wild' is one of my favourite books. It was the first book I ever bought for myself in fact (love books but I'm a library fan), and something stops me every time I try to get rid of it. I think I am a supertramp at heart.
  • I'm currently fascinated by boats, vans and tiny houses.
Enough of my rambling. Hope to interact with some of you soon, and to keep learning and getting ideas while I'm still orienting myself for the future. :D

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Re: Hello :)

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welcome welcome!
I used to follow this great personal finance blogger woman who was a doc but she committed suicide. I think her blog got continued by her sis for a while but then it stopped. I know Ms. Frugalwoods has a blog and it's an enjoyable read. I think I read her book - don't remember.

I heart the shit out of the sciences but I'm a terrible test taker. As a physician I've had to take a ton of tests so trust me it's always a nightmare. But perhaps don't let that steer you away from all the great science fields out there. As you get older you get better with standardized exams.

I'm sure there are plenty of people on here who can lead you in the right direction for science related fields to dabble in. Best of luck.

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Re: Hello :)

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Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Hello :)

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Re: Hello :)

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Welcome to the forums, Mrs. Frugalwood from the Frugalwoods was the only one I could think of and was already mentioned above. I'm sure there are a few others too, but none quite as prolific that I can think of.

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Re: Hello :)

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I haven't read her blog Our Next Life, but I came across an article by the author today.

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Re: Hello :)

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Thanks for the welcome! I'll be sure to check out those bloggers, thanks for recommending them.

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Re: Hello :)

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Hello and welcome, I think that female financial bloggers are more likely to focus on minimalism and what Jacob refers to as tips. The Frugalwoods is tip-focused. She also writes quite a bit about her dogs and kids, perhaps okay for early on in the ERE journey. MMM is a bit too mainstream with an air of arrogance and cultishness I personally find offputting. ERE is my personal favorite. We (DH and I are both 50.) were living the lifestyle before knowing what it was!

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