another long-time lurker here

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another long-time lurker here

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I found the ERE blog in 2014 through a link from some article a stock broker wrote. I hung around for a while, read the 21 day challenge, came back for the daily reposts, read the wiki, clicked around the links, and ultimately landed over at MMM HQ, finding it less "extreme". I rabidly consumed all of his content, and was active on the forums there for a while. I still lurked here from time to time. I read the book early in my journey (inter-library loan), then later bought it and have read it a few times.

I began implementing what I learned in earnest in 2015, and have made progress since then--bringing myself to a WL 5. The question then became "what now?". The recent threads on wheaton levels have finally brought me out of the woodwork. I hope to learn from the more advanced forumites, and hopefully shoulder some of the burden of teaching the "soldiers" as well. I figure if I have gained value from reading about the experience of others here, even if whatever I end up contributing helps just a few other people, it will be worthwhile.

I guess I'll probably start by heading over to the journal section, where (I presume) it's okay to discuss myself and how to apply ERE concepts to my life. Thanks to everyone here for what they have already contributed to my journey.

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Re: another long-time lurker here

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Look forward to your Journal.

Best health and wishes.

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