Greetings from INTP in NewZealand.

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Greetings from INTP in NewZealand.

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I primarily decided to post after reading about the 1% rule, it’s a good reason to practice writing.

It was midway through 2018 and 25 year old me had sobered up from an unproductive early twenties and been back in the workforce for several months. In my enthusiasm for having accumulated a few months wages I found myself googling various variations of ‘how to save more’ and ‘savings tips’ before starting to follow the smart rabbit up the mountain of stability.
I zoomed past tips and tricks content and quickly cleared my outstanding debts and student loan whilst enjoying Mr ramsey’s content.
Come early 2019 I’m blessed with enough work, debt free and the money is piling up but I have built a habit of meditating to PF content and I kept looking before finding another guy; MMM and head to the early posts where godbless I am sent to ERE.
I'm not going to lie. I completely ended up here with a financial interest and it grew into something else as I digested the amazing content Jacob has published.
Now mid 2020 the finances grow themselves. I do have just a minor goal to slash expenses a bit further to challenge myself this year. 10knzd(6k usd) would please me but isnt going to be difficult. Covid has come and financially is of little concern. At 25% progress to a conservative and theoretical ‘FI’ it's just a case of staying the course or climbing another hill.
Here in NZ we had a 5 week compulsory lockdown, easing up now, and i took the opportunity to learn how to crochet hats, clear the section of the property i abide in for starting a garden as well as give ERE a second read, absorbing even more then last time.
I was particularly intrigued by the ‘yields and flows’ forum post Jacob shared on fb and perused the ERE wheatons. Now I’ve picked up YMOYL after seeing the suggested reading on the wiki.

I have nothing to ask in particular just thought this would be a good starting point to not lurking.
I would like to warmly thank you for reading.

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Re: Greetings from INTP in NewZealand.

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Congratulations and welcome! You've got a great start, it sounds like. Plus, you're coming from an incredibly beautiful and outdoorsy place in NZ. I spent a few weeks there and would love to go back. Outdoors = cheap thrills and a whole lot of fun for a lot less money.

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