Felipes Journal

Where are you and where are you going?
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Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:52 pm

This is where I'll document my journey.

My current phase is in transition to moving out at the end of December to travel the world indefinitely. I want to spend Christmas with my family but I'm gradually feeling more and more toxicity at home. I had a scuba and outdoor survival skills class starting in August and I've updated most of my documents to leave at the end of the year.

I'm realizing that once I leave at the year end, it may not make sense to spend too much time here for tax reasons and I want to see more of the national parks.

I smell an opportunity.

I have 6 months in California so I'm looking into through hiking as how I'll spend the next 6 months living cheaply while exploring this beautiful country, developing my survival skills in a more familiar environment than abroad, and living on my own. I'd obviously refund the classes and probably learn more anyways.

My first through hike is sea to skyline trail. A 25 mile journey along gorgeous redwoods then waterfalls then finally into a beach, most of the journey is downhill and covered by trees so this is a great first step. Getting a ride to and from the end/beginning points won't be a problem. But I have a few challenges to consider:
Water: Have a lifestraw ready. The place I'm going have water flowing but I may benefit from carrying some.
Shelter: Thinking of getting a high quality hammock https://hennessyhammock.com/products/ul ... ym-classic
I notice one that holds 350lbs would support 2 people, doesn't cost much more but weighs around 3 times as much
If I like this lifestyle, hammock comes with me around the world.
Food: Where I'm really at a loss. At first guess- protein powder, peanutbutter, sandwhiches, avocado, peaches, nuts/seeds, crackers. Wet foods are more pleasant but dry foods weigh far less.
Expecting 3 days of journey so 12 meals if I have 4 meals per day. Around 600-700 calories per meal.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Viktor K » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:15 pm

Did I miss something? How did you get to this point? Are you ERE now, or is this a temporarily hiatus? From "travel indefinitely" it sounds like you're ERE and if that's the case, awesome and congrats!

My questions and curiosity aside, I think your plan sounds pretty friggin awesome! I definitely look forward to following along :D

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:09 pm

Thank Viktor! I've been living with my family and saving hard for a while so I have eff you money but not ERE yet. I can travel indefinitely since my work is done via telecommute and I know when the deadlines are so I could be remote as long as it's planned.

I'm hoping to save money since I'll skip expensive rent (live in heart of SV). All I'll have to cover is healthcare, food and transportation to/from where I'll start and end, $500/month sounds a reasonable limit right now excluding health insurance.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:32 pm

After some research: water, shelter, and food are the highest priorities. I won't be bringing a stove this trip as fire danger is very high and it's really not essential for such a short trip.
I have a light hammock and down quilt coming-these will provide more than enough shelter and weigh under 5lbs together.
Lifestraw, debating on bringing Imodium or water purification tablets.
There is water every couple of miles at camps and some rivers should exist (I've seen chimps dig into dry rivers for water when desperate), I'll have a 2 Liter capacity for water, not counting odor/waterproof bags holding my food. Have a safety whistle, compass, getting a map there, have bear spray (lions more likely in my area) and deet (ticks/mosquitos common).
The journey will be about 35 miles including some detours assuming no backtracking.
For food-A burrito could make a good lunch one day and another could be a good breakfast the next day. Some peaches would also be nice. Everything else will be dry.
Pack/Potential Back Issues:
I have a 35L backpack with hip belts that's great for travelling a city, not sure how it'll do for hiking but we'll find out. If it doesn't feel good for a short journey, I'll go to a military surplus store and find something cheap and sturdy that'll hold up.
Knee Issues:
I've got some new sandals on the way that should last a while. Boots/heavy shoes aggravate a mountain biking injury so lighter is the way for now, some deet sprayed on my feet should deter the only significant risk.

I keep fantasizing about living under the stars in my hammock. As long as I'm warm and protected from insects, what a dream. Slowly moving toward this. Aiming for doing this withing a month and if that works, moving out to thru hike soon after-possibly PCT from Canada border to Joshua trees, hitch to LA, then catch a $20 bus ride home. The time limit depends on when the calendar year ends.

Setting up food resupplies and water security seem the largest issues for through hikes and don't hike in a desert at noon but when it cools down (if I make it to Death Valley in time.)

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Stahlmann » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:52 am

So I did small check up:
(in the field I typed "journal" to obtain more data, I can't show it with the link :( )

I found this:

So how about "real life TM"? What school has you chosen? How these choices played out?
You don't need to answer :D (*) I just wanted to help you with travel to Barrier Reef, but I came to different conlusions based on your posts.

(*) Interestingly, we shouldn't stalk anybody here :D But people do it by themselves, because they provide journals.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:56 pm

I keep forgetting I made these in the past. Good catch. I'll keep to one.
I went to SJSU that time and I'm very happy I did since it made dropping out so much easier and let me keep working. I got straight A's but realized pay and working conditions were different than I expected after interviewing people in the field and after 1 last look into programming, chose to focus on work and saving instead.

I got most of my gear and it weighs 15 pounds all together, including what I'll wear, not including consumables (food/water). I'll add 3-5 pounds for the Yosemite hike as I'll need a bear canister and additional warmth to climb the sierras. Planning to do Skyline to Sea in 2 weeks. As soon as my down quilt arrives. I realized some camps don't have running water so I've shifted where I'll sleep. 10 miles on day 1, 15 on day 2 and 10 on day 3.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by 7Wannabe5 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:42 pm

What fun! One of my new resolutions is that I am going to plan my life forward on the basis of pretending like I am a man in his early 20s rather than a woman in her early 50s. Reading journals like this strengthens that resolve.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by detect_148 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:00 pm

Hi Felipe,

Fellow Bay Area resident here. It sounds like you plan to work your way south, but you might also consider checking out the Trinity Alps region in Northern California. They have extensive trail networks in the mountains and many many mountain lakes. If one so desired they could probably subsist entirely off fish and frog legs while surviving in the wilderness. The Ventana wilderness hikes along the Bug Sur coast are a good option is well, but I believe there was extensive fire damage there in 2016 and I'm not sure how that would affect your experience. In any case, I hope you have a great experience on your travels.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:02 pm

Frog legs aren't quite my thing but fishing sounds fun. I may have to look into that, Yosemite is still crowded and hot for another month or 2, and a bit bureaucratic on permits.

I found a $39 bus to the center of Yosemite from here. I'm having a problem figuring out permits. There aren't many connecting paths taking one through multiple parks (mainly JMT for Sequoia to Yosemite). I may have to start in the north at Mt. Lassen and work my way to the Mojave as a 500 mile section hike of the PCT to get through the 4 parks legally with permits since JMT on a lottery system. But I want to wander around the Sequoias and King's Canyon more. I'll look into whether there is an intrapark bus system or a different trail in a different part of the parks.

I'm realizing I have more work next month than I thought so I may not get to Yosemite until mid-September which would mean more local exploring in Big Basin and the other coastal redwood parks. I should get out by November due to snow. That gives me around 100 days in nature.

On figuring out gear-
Set up my hammock for the first time in my backyard. I need more space than my backyard has for that and some more practice tying tight knots so I'll bring it on a local hike to practice set up before my Skyline to Sea hike.

I currently hike with shorts and sandals but I'm leaning to switch towards shoes and permethrin-treated breathable clothing to stop insect stresses.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Jason » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:56 pm

I read this blog and one word comes to mind: peyote.

Like giant eagle picks me up by the claws (talons?) and flies me around the desert peyote. Like I'm sobbing over my dead father but a mysterious Indian who looks just like him tells me its alright, he's now a mysterious Indian comforting me while I'm high on peyote. I've never taken peyote and I doubt I would because I'm not the type of guy who wants to be picked up by a giant eagle and flown around the desert, but this trip seems prime for that type of thing.

Anyways, nothing says FU money like walking the earth, so enjoy. And post pics. I like pictures. Especially of shit I would never in a million years think of doing.

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Re: Felipes Journal

Post by Felipe » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:47 am

Lots of fires in Yosemite at the moment. Solidifies decision to wait.

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