Professionalism - Please Explain?

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Lucky C
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Re: Professionalism - Please Explain?

Postby Lucky C » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:21 pm

1. Do your job in the manner prescribed by management.
2. Treat customers and colleagues with the utmost respect.
3. Do not make anyone uncomfortable through your words or actions.
4. Resolve all conflicts through the appropriate channels, which should not be a problem if you stick to #1-3.

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Re: Professionalism - Please Explain?

Postby rajesh90 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:25 am

Put customer satisfaction first
Understanding and satisfying your customer's needs are the cornerstones of a successful business. Do what is necessary to meet those needs. After all, without the customer, there is no professional.

You may not view those you work with as your customers, but in many cases, they are. I remember when one of my managers perceived that I was overly stressed. He pulled me aside and sat me down in his office where he told me stories and jokes for the better part of half an hour. He recognized my needs and acted accordingly.

Professionals identify and satisfy their customer's needs.


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Re: Professionalism - Please Explain?

Postby dropoutretire » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:27 pm

Olaz wrote:Someone please explain what "professionalism" means? Can be in your own words, or in those of our office overlords, or a mix of both.
Why do so many people care to be sooooooo professional. Sometimes I get idiots that call me and annoy me when I'm selling a car for my sons carlot and if they ask a stupid question I give them a stupid response, then they say that wasn't very professional. I respond I do this for fun and your not making it fun and why do I need to be what you perceive as being professional ? For I am retired. lol

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Re: Professionalism - Please Explain?

Postby fiby41 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:56 am

I did not know what professionalism was until subject courses started coming with a start date and a finish date. :?

There are vacation, regular, midterm KT and crash course batches. This pamphlet does not have it but all other prospectus have the line: Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. The professors teach at a stretch without referring to any notes, books, written material, ppt. They only have a question set which is also given to students from which to solve numerical problems.

Here is a pamphlet of a midterm batch to show what I'm saying. :roll:

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