Russian-American journalist speaking about Trump, Russia, and conspiracy thinking

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Russian-American journalist speaking about Trump, Russia, and conspiracy thinking

Post by scriptbunny » Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:56 am

Russian-American journalist, Masha Gessen, giving a lecture at the Wheeler Centre about Trump, Russian conspiracies that surround him, and how the notion of American exceptionalism leads us astray and prevents us from seeing American political events in a global context.

I've watched a lot of Masha Gessen's videos at this point, and I think she has a lot of interesting things to say about Putin's worldview and the structure of Russian propaganda. I think one of the most interesting points I found in this particular lecture was how the failure of American imagination made it so nobody could not think of how a Trump presidency would operate and thereby in their mind diminished the likelihood of it occurring. Also how the narrative around Trump regarding Russian interference is borne out of a desire to other Trump as something other than a "thoroughly American creation"'' and how propagation of such narratives without sound evidence will only serve to diminish the credibility of news sources and further erode our understanding of truth.

Another talk of hers I found interesting was on Russian propaganda, framing a story, and the totalitarian mindset:

Here she walks through a tour given to her at a KGB museum and dissects in what ways stories are partially told or framed to fit within a particular narrative. She runs down some of the implications made during the tour "All countries are the same," "No one has claim to the moral high ground," "There is no division between past and present," that help to erode the truth and perpetuate a totalitarian mindset. Also why Russia is more apt to fall into totalitarian patterns than other countries.

Anyway, I found these useful to me to grok Trump's significance wrt our relations with Russia and the media frenzy surrounding him. I thought others here might like them as well.

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